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Fireye Designer Jewelry by Robyn Tabayoyon

Gifted and skilled in techniques of glass jewelry design, Canadian-born artist Robyn Tabayoyon creates glass pendants hand-crafted with impeccable detailing.

Reminiscent of vivid Venetian "millefiore" glass, Robyn's, Fireye glass jewelry designs reflect originality and sophistication. Her Fireye pendants combined with silver, gold, and precious stone beads come in stunning shades, and are worn by fashionable women worldwide.

When you have made your selection of any of Robyn's Fireye glass jewelry designs please be advised that due to the nature of glass, an exact duplicate of her featured work would be an impossibility: however she would be able to produce a Fireye glass jewelry piece very close in pattern, color, and materials. This enhances the "one of a kind" uniqueness of your Fireye purchase as well.

For further information about Fireye Glass or to obtain prices for her kaleidoscope pendants, please email Robyn Tabayoyon at fireyejewelry@sbcglobal.net or visit the Fireye web site at www.fireyeglass.com.
Artist's History/Fireye Glass History
I work in "Borosilicate" glass, otherwise known as Hot or Hard Glass. Also known as Pyrex or corning ware. Those are the names of company's in the USA that produce Borosilicate glass.

Borosilicate glass melts at a very high temperature and cools quickly; it can take shock like hot or cold very well, and in turn is considered extremely strong.

I am able to incorporate precious metals like pure gold and silver into the clear glass through a technique called fuming. I also have a wide variety of colors that come in hard rod form that I melt and work with almost like a color pencil.

I first started Borosilicate glass blowing when I was twenty-two in Eugene, Oregon, and went on my own from there and have been practicing this art for just over 5 years.

I recently worked at Borosilicate Scientific Glass Blowing Laboratories in Richmond California for some time, and was able to brush up on my precision and expand my techniques and skills.

I have a great love of the Ocean and sometimes I see my Fireye glass jewelry work as something that resembles under water life, like star fish and sea anemones.

For further information visit www.fireyeglass.com.