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The Crown Jewel of the Sharon Barber Collection "The Queen's Tartan" is now available for purchase

Size: 12" length and 4" width, plus 5 1/2" h
Price: $155

For further information about the Sharon Barber, 'Queen's Tartan', or any other Sharon Barber transformable purse info, check out,
Sharon Barber.com.

Kilts, "The Queen's Tartan", & more...

The Wildcelt's popular Kilt connection link is now featuring affordable, custom made Celtic motif accessories. After four years of providing information & sales of clan Tartan
kilts, we're expanding our line of products to include superb, registered Tartan fabric purses and Celtic designed hand tooled leather accessories.

Inspired by the meticulous Scottish set decorations in "The Queen" with the incredible Helen Mirren, purse designer, Sharon Barber has developed this savvy, retro style purse, accented in dark wood & available in four registered clan Tartan fabrics.

This exquisite purse measures 12" long (length of purse) and 4" wide, plus 5 1/2" high. All designs include: Replaceable strap, replaceable Wrap, Replaceable Celtic clip Decoration, Built in Mirror (impact resistant), Roomy enough, with no exposed hardware & ergonomic Velcro attach pad, for keys, pens, etc;

If you're already a proud kilt owner, or a serious Tartan enthusiast, we now offer yet another way to express your love for, "all things Celtic", by owning the crown jewel of the Sharon Barber Collection..."The Queen's Tartan"....

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Available in the following Clan Tartan designs...

 Stewart of Atholl Stuart of Bute


The tartan kilt has long been the most recognizable cultural image of the highland Scots. Therefore, it surprises most people that many of the most recognizable features and traditions associated with the wearing of the kilt have, in fact, been developed in the nineteenth century, not by Scottish Highlanders, but by the Nobles of England and Scotland. Despite this, it has generally been accepted that the basic patterns of the tartan and the wearing of the kilt do indeed have their origin in the history of the early Scottish clans, or families. It has been demonstrated that certain clans
aspire to a uniformity of design for their garments as early as the tenth and eleventh centuries.

A few years ago, I discovered a delightful Scottish imports shop which featured the largest selection and sales of Cashmere and Merino wool sweaters available in North America!My immediate thought was, do they import clan Tartan kilts as well? Happily the answer was yes, as I opened up a Celtic Pandora's box filled with a cornucopia of colors, fabrics, & plaids galore.

That day I purchased my first custom made Tartan-plaid kilt.

If you have an interest in your families cultural roots, Scotland, Ireland, or Whales, the myriad of Celtic clan

Tartans are available through custom orders.

For further information regarding the purchase of an authentic, custom made, registered Tartan kilt, please contact:
Ruth Carroll

Places to purchase/rent kilts: irishkilts.scotweb.co.uk,  www.highlandstore.com, www.kilts.com



Kilt prices start at $235.00, this includes mini through to 37". 38" is considered a "hostess skirt" and costs $295.00. For a custom fit we need waste and hip measurements, and the desired length you require. 28," 29" & 30"are the most popular lengths. Please note: If your hips are over 44" you'll need to add 15% to base price. $235.00 includes duty and postage, please allow 8-10 weeks for shipping.

Please Note: In addition to custom made women's kilts, men's kilts are also available.

For further information regarding the purchase of an authentic custom made tartan kilt please contact ruth@wildcelt.com

Each custom made tartan kilt is hand-cut and hand pleated utilizing eight yards of tartan material per kilt


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