Wildcelt Museum critiques...
new Celebrate "Viva Picasso y Espa

Vines Valleys & Vistas
Great vacation getaways/ family friendly wineries

Kit Carson Lodge at Silver Lake "The Treasure of the Sierra Mountains"

Wildcelt goes to the movies with Marks and Spencer... Flavorful wines with classic films...

Wildcelt's Women's Health Forum
Collection of articles on vital, informative health issues.
Written by Marleen Quint, Women's Health & Environmental Advocate

new The Community Forum 
exploring environmental, political-cultural issues and more...
My Mom - A Pearl Harbor Survivor’ - December 7th, 2016 - 75th Anniversary of the Bombing of Pearl Harbor
Healthcare A Sick Way to Make Money
Cancer and Radiation: A Malevolent History

New Book Explores Frank Lloyd Wright's "Other Women"

Mark A. Wilson's book concept 'America's Great World's Fairs'

Cinematic Releases
Classic & contemporary film commentaries & reviews

Homage to directors, actors & movie composers of the 20th, 21st centuries

Listens to The Movies...."A movie lover's discovery of the the Musical Maestros of the Golden Age of Hollywood".

Plus "The Newman Film Scoring Dynasty"

Novels to Screen Adaptations "The Go Betweens"

Foreign Films
Foreign movie commentaries & critiques
Links to shopping websites for classic & contemporary foreign films

Pieces of History
"Tutankhamun, The Return of the King" review of S.F. deYoung Museum exhibition

Collection of new  Architectural, Art history & WWII history articles by Bay Area Author, Mark A. Wilson

Wildcelt Museum Critiques
"A Tribute to Yves Saint Laurent, The Quiet Prince of Fashion"

"Women's Impressions & Beyond" article & tribute to women Impressionists, based on S.F. Legion of Honor exhibition

Wildcelt.com is a fine Arts and Entertainment portal offering well researched articles about current Art & Architectural exhibitions. We promote two links devoted to film commentary and critiques of classic, contemporary & foreign cinemas.

Our Women’s Health Forum features a collection of informative health issues, researched & astutely written by Marleen Quint, a prominent Women’s Health and Environmental Advocate.

Our travel & shopping links are gateways to exotic destinations & handcrafted fashions, where we share interesting historical “tie-ins” about our Artist/Entrepreneurs products and services.

All of our articles provide reference links for more information on related topics of interest, plus useful books & websites.

We encourage our viewers to contact us with their ongoing input & comments. Contact us at info@wildcelt.com.

Kilt Connections
Offers historic information about Celtic kilts and more...
Custom made "The Queen's Tartan" retro style designer purses

Alfresco Living
"A Retro Look at Women's Fashion Attire in the Garden"
stellarrocco.com ...Articles & tips on outdoor lifestyles & garden planning

Fireye Glass
Milleflore style designer pendants & jewelry by Robyn Taboyoyon

Photo Journal
Photographer Robert McKinney offers photo journey through historic Ireland

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Viva Picasso y España

"Viva Picasso y España, Balenciaga
Haute Couture-Iberian Style"

Yves Saint Laurent
A tribute to Yves Saint Laurent,
The Quiet Prince of Fashion

Wildcelt Listen's to Movies

"Wildcelt Listens To The Movies"

‘Phantom Thread’

Official Trailer, 2017 -
Staring Daniel-Day Lewis.

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